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​外国人向け剣道体験ツアー in 東京・札幌・横浜・名古屋・京都・大阪・福岡・沖縄



"EF Tokyo" movie(0'55~1'04)


"Sharla In Japan"

 "Student Universe" movie

"Samurai Days (Point Of View)" movie

"Alan Channel / 阿倫頻道"


Mangamyter med Momo (5'30~)


Manchester City "Man City try Kendo!"

NHK World "TOKYO EYE 2020" (6'06〜10'16)


Rec Loc Japan

"鍾培生Derek Cheung"

Unbelievable Kendo Challenge in Japan! Did I Survive?

劍道一日體驗|日本旅遊 Kendo Experience Tour SAMURAI TRIP

日本で開催されたApex Asia Festivalに参加しました!- TSM Apex Legends

We Became Japan's WORST Kendo Masters | Trash Taste Special



Friend ship ~ Jason Kim ~

November 01, 2016

I love kendo because I have "family" to share the pains and joys with. True that kendo seems too strict especially for non-Japanese in terms of its manners or traditions, but it surely strengthens ourbond among the team. This "familyship" keeps motivating me to practice even harder.

Kendo is the life ~ Taizo Nakakuma ~

October 19, 2016

When I met Kendo first time, though I was just a little boy, I was really impressed by very beautiful way of moves of Kendo players and their vigorous spirit. I felt like seeing SAMURAI living in present JAPAN. I just thought that Kendo is cool and I joined the Kendo team on the same day. But as I practice Kendo, I became to understand that it is not just a cool sports but also the way of self-cultivation. Kendo has a truly sophisticated idea so it can make one’s mind sound. So I believe that Kendo will make my life better.

Kendo is wonderful experience ~ Johari ~

September 30, 2016

I started kendo back when I was in High school in Malaysia partly because my Alma Mater St.John’s was the only school to have a high school kendo club and the president of the club at that time was a cute girl. But after a year of learning kendo, it totally blew me away. If you could find a point in life where it is life changing then, for me starting or experiencing kendo was the beginning of it.
Kendo was very difficult, awkward, and different. But when you managed to hit your opponent cleanly, the feeling, the reverberation, the sight and sound of it is addictive. It is always forcing and pushing you near the limit, and as you dig in deep, the more there is to learn and practice. It becomes part of you, define you and mould you. The whole process is fun, and through it I met some of the most wonderful, awe inspiring people, and enthusiastic people. People starts kendo for 1001 reason, and I hope through this tour and experience will be a starting point of your kendo life, and if not, hope that it will offer you a glimpse of samurai of the forgotten era put their life and hard work into their art.

My soul Kendo ~ Izogbu Wellichinda ~

September 06, 2016

My journey in kendo is fueled by my personal ambition as a warrior that finds solace in battle, this is when I truly feel I am alive. When I draw my sword not only do I represent my personal character but also that of my Master and his Master before him. My goal is to become great by keeping his legacy and teachings alive until I reach the point of maturity one day having to pass it on to my own decipile and the next generation. Reguardless of any obstacles i can never allow my resolve to fade because this is my purpose and who I am.

KENDO of my life ~ Tor Ching Li ~

August 01, 2016

To me, kendo is more than a sport, it is a martial art that combines physical endurance with mental strength and spiritual training. It evolved from the way of the samurai and continues the spirit of the samurai through it’s code of ethics and manners. It is a continuous journey of learning and way of life. And it can be practiced for life!

SAMURAI culture ~ Robert Ortiz ~

July 10, 2016

Kendo embodies Japanese culture; respect for each, diligence, sense of justice, precision of bogu craftsmanship, etc. No other countries in the world has this kind of martial arts/ sports that express countries’ nature, and therefore it’s interesting to practice kendo.

Precious experience ~ Yuto Urakawa ~

June 01, 2016

I truly feel so lucky I had an opportunity to start Kendo, which is a sophisticated Japanese “SAMURAI” martial arts. On your life you can continue to polish not only Kendo’s technics but your inner strength, and that fascinates me very much. Now, I coach people in U.S. and I’m happy to get to know many new friends in the world thanks to Kendo.
I promise you that you will feel something special. Today would be the best day for you to make a first step.

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