〜We provide genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo / Sapporo / Osaka / Kyoto / Fukuoka  through Kendo〜

Have a taste of real samurai experience through the lens of
Japanese traditional martial arts call KENDO.

What's KENDO ?

Kendo is a modern expression of a traditional Japanese swordsmanship and martial arts that uses bamboo swords as an abstraction the Japanese Katana and wears kendo protective armor which consist of "men" (head protector), "kote" (arm protector), "do" (abdomen protector) and "tare" (lower body protector). Kendo originates in early 17th century as a part of traditional swordsmanship training call Shinai uchikomi geiko to enable practitioner to hit and practice without reservation and fear of injuring others or hesitation. The use of kendo protector and bamboo sword creates a platform for cross training and duel between each different school during those early periods, and it is this cross pollination between different schools which creates a standardized set of techniques and etiquette. It is these legacies of swordsmanship that have survived and tweak to ensure safety is what we call as kendo.


【1】KENDO Experience

The experience allows you to work with a Kendo instructor who speaks English in an easy to understand way, and also has a black belt. From basic etiquette skills of “Kendo“ to learning about and using armor, you will be provided a varied Kendo experience that is perfect for a first visit to Japan.


  • SAMURAI culture instruction

  • Practical guidance by a well trained guide

  • Guide demonstration

  • Tournament style combat game


【3】Special Meal At A                   KENDO Restaurant

The one and only Kendo themed Izakaya (restaurant) in Japan.

not only do we have a small corner for samurai armour and kendo goods, we also created a dojo atmosphere for your enjoyment.

There's even「Special Samurai meal」in the menu so you can come over and feel how it's like to be a Samurai.

・Photo corner 
・Special SAMURAI meal
・KENDO goods corner
・KENDO videos and movies

【2】Visit KENDO Armour  Craftsman Workshop

"Bogu", the suit of armour used in KENDO, is a traditional craft that has been passed on for generations in Japan for over a century.

A guide with over 20 years of KENDO experience will first bring you through the principles and ideals of the Samurai and Kendo

which will be followed by a tour to the traditional armour workshop where the craft has been passed on in the family for many generations, Let's all experience the "Samurai Spirit" and "the heart of the craftsman"!


・Introduction by the guide
・Talks about the SAMURAI and KENDO by the guide
・Armour crafting demonstration by master craftsman
・Q&A session with the master craftsman 
・KENDO merchandise and goods


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