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〜We provide genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo / Sapporo / Osaka / Kyoto / Fukuoka / Okinawa  through Kendo〜

※We can also accept Kendo demonstration for taking movies or pictures
 "EF Tokyo" movie(0'55~1'04)
 "Student Universe" movie
 "Samurai Days (Point Of View)" movie


 "Sharla In Japan" 
 "Reinvent My Story" movie(0'54〜1'20)

Alan Channel / 阿倫頻道


Mangamyter med Momo (5'30~)


NHK World "TOKYO EYE 2020" (6'06〜10'16)


Rec Loc Japan

"鍾培生Derek Cheung"

劍道一日體驗|日本旅遊 Kendo Experience Tour SAMURAI TRIP

Manchester City "Man City try Kendo!"

Unbelievable Kendo Challenge
in Japan! Did I Survive?

日本で開催されたApex Asia Festivalに参加しました!- TSM Apex Legends

We Became Japan's WORST Kendo Masters | Trash Taste Special

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